easy vegetable beef stew recipe

Easy Vegetable Beef Stew

With a burst of flavor and a pot full of vegetables, this is the easiest vegetable beef stew that even my kids enjoy thanks to the magic ingredient at the end!  Gluten free and dairy free.  These leftovers are perfect for freezing and make a wonderful meal to give away or save for later. Read More

Pretzel Yogurt Delight Recipe

Pretzel Yogurt Delight

This dessert is a creamy burst of fresh strawberry flavor made with all-natural ingredients including strawberry Greek yogurt and is the perfect blend of sweet and salty with the yummy crunch of a pretzel baked crust.  Read More

slow cooker tomato beef steak

Slow Cooker Tomato Beef Steak

This gluten/dairy free slow cooker recipe is filled with the rich flavor of beef and vegetables and is the perfect way to enjoy a hearty meal without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.  Leftovers are perfect for making vegetable beef stew which means two meals in one! Read More

2 Minute Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

2 Minute Chocolate Chip Oatmeal

This recipe can be made in bulk and is a go to for breakfast.  With the hidden nutrient density of ground flax, this chocolatey instant oatmeal is the perfect start to the morning and can be easily and quickly customized to individual taste.  Enjoy! Read More

Chicken Fried Quinoa

Chicken Fried Quinoa

With whole proteins and a rainbow of vegetables that are soaked in a sweet maple soy sauce, this gluten-free Chicken Fried Quinoa recipe is a meal unto itself. Enjoy for a family meal and freeze the leftovers to give away or save for later!

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