French Country Home Exterior Plans

Picking a French Country House Plan

After deciding one’s style of preference, the next step in building your own home is finding the house plan that will suit your family forever. No pressure. It only costs thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Whew. This step was hard. I looked at French Country house plans in Southern Living, eplans, Jack Arnold, The House Designers, and House Plans to name a few. I searched for months on and off. I would find a French Country design I sort of liked, would print off a copy, muse over it for a couple weeks, and inevitably toss it out.

And then I came upon Abberley Lane by John Tee, and I haven’t looked again.

<insert shoulder shrug> I only tried on two wedding dresses and after the second one I knew it was what I wanted. What can I say? When I know, I know! Anyone else?


Remember how I mentioned that the houses I would mentally star all included large columned front porches? Check.

Sl 683
Photo by Southern Living

Although there are a lot of French Country undertones to the exterior features of the house, the overall appearance of this beautifully designed home still felt more American to me with deep South charm than French Country. Not shocking then that I found it featured in Southern Living.

The exterior picture certainly made me look twice, but the interior layout is where I could really start to see the possibilities materialize.

Sl 683
Plan by John Tee
Sl 683
Plan by John Tee

The following photos are all courtesy of Southern Living from their Abberley Lane show home in Georgia.

Sl 683 balcony

Sl 683 diningroom

Sl 683 familyroom01

Sl 683 familyroom02

Sl 683 kitchen01

Sl 683 kitchen02

Sl 683 breakfastnook

I started to spend hours searching for blogs and forums of anyone who had built this charming French Country home to continue to get a feel for the plan and layout. One blog, Our Southern Home, is dedicated to her very own Abberley Lane.

I was thrilled to have a solid place to start, and in typical DIY fashion, I tore the plans apart and built them back up from scratch. Follow along as I start to design our French Country Home!

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