Victorian House Renovation Before Tour Part 1

Let’s take a before tour of our Victorian House renovation. If you missed Buying Our Victorian House check it out here!

You may want a jacket as it’s a little drafty inside. Come on in!



This is the family room that you walk into through the front door. Front door is directly to the right of the radiator. Look at the gorgeous pine wood floors. I wonder how long the rug lay in that spot? 9 ft ceilings throughout. We re-purposed those green curtains as paint drops. They are practically waterproof and still get used on a regular basis today.

Check out this chandelier. We were told to estimate it’s date approximately back to the 1920s.



Next we enter the dining room as we walk toward the back of the house. The door on the right goes out to a two story side porch. The door in front of us leads into the kitchen. Who is feeling the need to knock a wall down?? ME!



We were told by one our contractors that this closet was likely once a “pass through” to a butler’s pantry. It is hard to see here but through this cabinet was the bathroom, which was likely a pantry at one time beside the old kitchen that the “help” would pass dishes through.



Hallway leading to upstairs to the left before walking into the dining room. The door directly to the left in the picture leads to the creepy dungeon basement. Just wait. I’m telling you – creepy.



This was the view standing at the “pass through” cabinet and looking toward the front of the house. SO MUCH WALLPAPER. And again, anyone itching to knock out some more walls??



Let’s get to the kitchen.


And without much ado here it is. I mean without any ado at all. That door also leads out to the side porch where the “help” had private access. This was going to be my greatest challenge for resale purposes. Maximizing little space while maintaining a classic appeal. What would you have done??

Behind me is the bathroom.


Now to my favorite room in the whole house. What would eventually become our library. This room is the turret beside the porch to the left of the front door.


Again another lovely vintage chandelier. The restoration technician told us that this particular chandelier was covered in smoke residue. It is likely that this room was once the smoking parlor, typical of older Victorian homes, where men would retire in the evening to enjoy their cigars.



Ok back to the hallway that leads upstairs. I’m still avoiding the basement.


So much wallpaper.

Join us again for the Victorian House Renovation Before Tour Part 2!

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