Victorian House Renovation Before Tour Part 2

If you missed the Victorian House Renovation Before Tour Part 1 check it out here.

Let’s go upstairs!


This way to go left but let’s turn right and checkout the master bedroom.


Love the windows. Hello green carpet.

Let’s go back down the hall and take one room at a time.

Bedroom #2

And again that turret of windows. Love the natural light in this old house. I was curious to know if hardwood floors lay under the strange laminate-looking material. This was going to be the guest room.

To bedroom #3.


This would end up being Gracie’s room. The door to the left leads up into the attic. What you can’t see here is that the plaster on the walls and ceiling is perilously close to collapsing. Hence the photo shot from the doorway.

Bedroom #4.



This floor was drastically sloped as it is not uncommon for houses to settle after many years. This would really become a challenge for us installing kitchen cabinets as the kitchen is directly under us here. This room was intended for baby #2 one day. I didn’t realize that would be sooner rather than later. Take a look at the ceiling in this room. Yes, that is wall paper over old horse-hair plaster. Yes, removing it was horrible. Yes, there will be pictures.

Last but not least, the upstairs bathroom.



Oh the claw foot tub. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it for the first time. I couldn’t wait to give this antique porcelain treasure a makeover. Also loved the old recessed medicine cabinet above the sink.


Check out this color combo.



The bathroom walls and floor tile were clearly new. Not my design style at all, but when investment not forever home one has to pick and choose what to make work. The Pepto-Bismol color extended the whole way across the ceiling as well. How to class this up? I love what we did and would do it again! Stay tuned!

Ok. I can avoid it no longer. Down to the basement.


First room at the front of the house. Creepy right? Are those blood stains on the floor??

To the left of this room through the squeaky old door was another room in the front.



Notice the mummy-style wrapped pipes. Those are covering a lovely little carcinogen called asbestos. When covered it is not harmful as the powdery spores are contained. Needless to say our children were not allowed in this room. This may have been the worst project of the house. Picture the ghost busters meet an exterminator with red hazardous materials bags, and you’ve got Zach and me descending to the asbestos dungeon for removal.



Safe removal of asbestos is crucial. Do not attempt without following appropriate safety precautions.


Now to the back of the house.



This room and the next were directly under the kitchen and the bathroom. There was a door that led out of this room into the back yard which a large window that provided tons of natural light. For 40 years the saint of a woman who was the previous owner did her laundry here. With water hookup and electric already here, large window looking out to the back, and a walk out basement door – the possibilities were exciting. This room almost killed me.



This is the other wall of this walkout room. The door to the backyard is on my right and the door to the rest of the basement is on my left. Through this door was another little room pictured below.



The backyard.



That’s it for now. Grab your hammers and stay posted as we bring this Victorian beauty back to life!

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