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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl – From Our House to Yours

Welcome to the *5 days of Christmas Lists.*  With Christmas shopping around the corner, each member of the family compiled a 2018 favorites list to pass along to you!  Whether you are making a list for your daughter, or you are looking for a gift for someone else, here are 10 easy, tried and true Christmas gift ideas for a young girl from our house to yours.  Gracie (6yrs old) tested and approved.  Happy shopping!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #1.

Barbie Dream House

christmas gift ideas young girl

Gracie got this dream house for Christmas last year along with a huge bucket of barbies and accessories from a garage sale (ebay is also a great place to find Barbie items as people are often getting rid of things in bulk).  She plays with it regularly and is especially a favorite with friends.  The rule is that all Barbie stuff stays in her room to eliminate the scattering of tiny plastic pieces throughout the house.  I bought her this little storage cart that helps to organize the accessorized world of Barbie.

christmas gift ideas young girl


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #2.

Dress-up Closet

christmas gift ideas young girl

For her 5th birthday, Gracie got a whole bunch of dress up clothing (mix of new outfits and thrift store finds), and my grandparents bought this dress-up closet to help organize. Her play dates with friends typically involve a stop to the dress-up closet, and then they head for the Barbies.  Ideas for fun dresses below!


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #3.

Dress-up Dresses

As I mentioned above Gracie got these dresses for her birthday.  The Moana one is my favorite, and would make a great Trick Or Treat costume with a skin-toned full body leotard.  These 3 have probably gotten the most wear.  But checkout these DC Super Hero costumes!  These might make it onto Gracie’s Christmas list this year.

Moana                                             Princess Elsa                                Belle

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Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #4.

Disney Frozen Elsa Wooden Magnetic Doll Dress Up Kit

christmas gift ideas young girl

Have you seen a pattern yet?  Another dress up option!  This was given to Gracie as a gift for being a flower girl in a wedding, and it was the perfect on-the-go toy especially for in the car as everything is contained in the wooden play board and magnetically sticks to the Elsa doll.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #5.

Vokul Scooter

christmas gift ideas for young girlschristmas gift ideas young girl

Zach’s parents got the older two kids these scooters a couple Christmases ago, and they have been USED and used HARD.  I can’t believe how well these have held up considering the abuse they have taken.  They play with them in our basement in the winter and ride them around our neighborhood the rest of the year.  The wheels light up and there is a brake for the back wheel.  The front handle is adjustable.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #6.

Step2 Art Desk

christmas gift ideas young girls

This desk has been wonderful to help organize the kids’ arts and crafts.  It houses their twistable colored pencils (I will never buy regular crayons again!), Melissa and Doug stamp sets, easel paper, and various other coloring books and workbooks.  The best feature is that it can be used as an easel or a desk.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #7.

Melissa and Doug Classic Kitchen

Christmas gift ideas young girl




Melissa & Doug Cooking Utensils


Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich Making Set & Felt Sandwich Making Set




christmas gift ideas baby girl

Melissa and Doug make the best toys.  This kitchen is no exception.  Several years ago I researched dozens and dozens of play kitchens for kids, and this one came out on top.  There are so many fun accessories for this kitchen, and perhaps more than any other set we have gotten, this Melissa and Doug Classic Kitchen continues to provide hours and hours of play.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #8.

Coleman Camp Chair

christmas gift ideas young girls

Each of my kids has his or her own camping chair which is nice for not just camping, but also picnics, sporting events etc.  Pretty much all of our camping equipment is by Coleman because I trust the quality of their products having used them for many years.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #9.

Regalo My Cot

christmas gift ideas young girls

This cot is a must have for toddlers and young kids.  The older two each have one for camping, going to our family cabin, or overnights.  Set up is unbelievably easy and does not instigate the muttering of any 4-letter words which is not insignificant for those of us who have made it through the Pack N Play years.  I mean seriously people, I have two Masters degrees and I swear a rocket scientist wouldn’t be able to figure out some of these “easy to use” kids’ items.


Christmas Gift Ideas for a Young Girl #10.

Karaoke Machine

christmas gift ideas young girls

If you are prone to migraines, then be forewarned this toy is NOT for your children.  But if you can handle the noise and the silliness that will inevitably be amplified by your children holding a microphone, then this toy is well worth every penny.  There are Karaoke CDs such as these Disney Karaoke CD  that can be purchased as well.  A fun portable CD player such as this one is a great addition to the gift!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

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