christmas gift ideas for dad

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad – From Our House to Yours

Welcome to the *5 days of Christmas Lists.*  With Christmas shopping around the corner, each member of the family compiled a 2018 favorites list to pass along to you!  Whether you are making a list for yourself, or you are looking for a gift for someone else, here are 10 easy, tried and true Christmas gift ideas for Dad from our house to yours.  Zach tested and approved.  Happy shopping!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #1.

Nostalgia 4 qt Ice Cream Maker

christmas gift ideas for dad

Zach got this for Father’s Day a couple years ago, and we love it!  He grew up with homemade ice cream, and he has created some delicious recipes with this electric 4 qt Nostalgia ice cream maker.  We highly recommend Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Ice Cream Recipe Book.  The Oreo Mint is one of our favorite!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #2.

Leather Driving Gloves

christmas gift ideas for dad

Zach keeps a pair of leather gloves in his car for the winter months.  He often leaves for work before 6am in the morning, and unless you have a steering wheel warmer, these gloves make for a wonderful stocking stuffer!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #3.


christmas gift ideas for dad

Speaking of trying to stay warm.  Our family loves slippers.  We all have our own pair of slippers even down to the 1 year old.  Not only does it limit the amount of dirt that gets tracked through your home, but there is something cozy about the soft fleece lining of a warm pair of slippers.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #4.

Weather Tech Floor Mats

christmas gift ideas for dad

christmas gift ideas for men

Zach and I cannot say enough about these Weather Tech floor mats.  I mean why didn’t we know about these wonderful laser cut mats 2 cars ago?  Spilled milk and crushed french fries are no longer a problem because we spray and wipe.  That’s it.  These Weather Tech Mats are ideal for hard working utility truck, to the family van, to the sports sedan.  These would also be perfect for pets!  For a more detailed look, checkout this 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Review.   These mats are made for many different makes and models and are laser cut even to where the seat belt is anchored to the floor.  You will not be disappointed.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #5.

Nespresso Lattissima Plus Automatic Espresso Machine


christmas gift ideas for dad

Zach and I use our Keurig daily for our regular cups of coffee, but this espresso machine is a luxury and the easiest homemade espresso and latte that taste as rich as any specialty drink I have had. We are talking one press of a button with a crema that might surprise even a barista.  Our favorite capsules are the Roma and the Arpeggio. A detailed review of our machine can be found here.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #6.

Nose/Ear Hair Trimmer

christmas gift ideas for dad

TMI?  Maybe.  But there is a good reason there are over 7,000 5 star reviews for this little tool.  With an LED light and simple to use design, a menial grooming necessity is accomplished with ease.  Another great stocking stuffer.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #7.

Wooden Plaque Bottle Opener

christmas gift ideas for dad

christmas gift ideas for dad

This hangs in our basement beside our bar and drink cooler.  I love the rustic appearance, and it has been sturdily made.  To keep it anchored to the wall I buried a screw behind the tin pale.  Guests always comment on it!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #8.

Leaf Blower

christmas gift ideas for dad

Zach got a leaf blower for his birthday last year, and we love it.  The problem is that is has a cord.  It is so wonderful to be able to blow the leaves out of your flower beds, rock garden, and yard without raking up tons of dirt that you worked hard to put down in the first place.  Or constantly getting leaves stuck in the rake prongs and having to pull them out.  Ideal for those of us with little kids (or big kids!) because creating leaf piles happen much sooner and all it takes is a 5 seconds of blowing to get the pile big again!!


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #9.

Vizio Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer and Satellite Speaker

christmas gift ideas for dad

Christmas gift ideas for dadLast year for Zach’s birthday he got a 65″ flat screen tv, and he picked out his own sound system.  This was the highest rated on Amazon for what he was looking for, and considering the price tag was more than reasonable we have not been disappointed.  The best part – one remote to rule them all.  Our entire system links to the included remote.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad #10.

Weber Smoker

christmas gift ideas for dad

This porcelain-enameled steel smoker that looks like a mini-spaceship about to launch is a cooking powerhouse.  I gave this to Zach for Christmas last year after a coworker highly recommended it.  I did some research and bought all the essential accessories, and we have fallen in love with the pulled pork, beef BBQ, beer can chicken, and grilled lettuce to name a few of the things that we have experimented with (all from the cookbook recommended below).  Pounds of juicy meat dripping with smoky barbecue sauce will make him proud to contribute to meal time (unless he’s a vegetarian I guess).  Must have accessories to go with this smoker include this Secrets to Smoking on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Cookbook, the Rapid Fire Chimney Starter, these Silicone Smoker Oven Gloves, and this Wireless Smoker Grill Meat Thermometer.

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!


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