princess tea party for a birthday girl

DIY Princess Tea Party for a Birthday Girl

Find DIY inspiration for a princess tea party from Gracie’s 6th birthday party this year! 

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princess tea party for a birthday girl

Gracie turned 6 years old this year.  She loves to dress up, put accessories in her hair, and match a bracelet to her outfit before school each morning.  She actually wants me to set out clothes for her each week because she said that I match them better.  She got more excited about decorating for her party than the fact that she would get presents.  Girl after my own heart.  With the exception of her incredible curls, she is a chip off the ‘ole block.  This year we did a nicer party as it was her first year of kindergarten (so far our “bigger birthdays” have been turning 1 and entering kindergarten).  When I asked her how she wanted to celebrate she said she wanted to have a princess party.  She is a princess worth celebrating, and we found all kinds of fun, DIY ways to celebrate this special girl!

We set up the kitchen and breakfast nook with all the food (we served pizza at this castle by the way), and made the dining room our princess tea party room for all kinds of “royally rich” treats!


I use these little stand up chalkboards all the time.  Find them here.

“A royal hello!”  Daniel Tiger reference anyone??!  My kids are obsessed with this show.  Even Lillian.  All 8 seasons of Daniel Tiger are available on Amazon Prime.

There was lots of kiddo help in prepping for the royally rich menu of Gracie’s favorite treats.

  • candy necklaces (for the princesses)
  • candy dish
  • chocolate covered strawberries
  • hot chocolate bar
  • cupcakes



This sweet man loves to help Mommy in the kitchen.  We were getting Gracie’s cupcakes ready while she was in school!



I love this batter dispenser and tend to use it mostly for cupcakes because the batter is runnier and harder to spoon into the liners.



Funfetti cupcakes for the win!


Gracie was so excited to do the strawberries after school.  We typically use a local chocolate company for our dipping chocolates, but I have used this Dulci Frutta Party Kit several times with great success and it is definitely faster.  Letting Gracie do her own strawberries is a labor of love for me, because I want to see them all look perfect.  I think there is a life lesson in there somewhere.  She did a great job.

Time to set up!

princess tea party for a birthday girl




I have two of these Wilton cupcake towers, and I use them a lot.  They collapse together for very easy storage.

princess tea party for a birthday girl

Princess candles here.

princess tea party for a birthday girl


If you haven’t read my How to Create a Vintage Tea Cart find it here.  I use mine all the time.

create a vintage tea cart


princess tea party for a birthday girl

Party bags for the little guest princesses.

princess tea party for a birthday girl

And don’t forget the prince!  Although he wanted to be called “Sir Caleb.”  I guess this was an upgrade?

princess tea party for the birthday girl

By the way I only use Root candles.  They are the best I have found. They burn so evenly and I never have to worry about them dripping.


Similar dress here.  Before guests arrived we also had a line up of princess movies on in the background to set the mood.

All set up!  Time to meet the “royal family.”

princess tea party for a birthday girl

Princess Gracie!  Ready for her royal tea party.


Meet Sir Caleb.  The royal trumpeter.  His job was to announce everyone with the left over gift wrap roll ;-).  Cheapest party toy, and he LOVED it.  Took his job very seriously.


Also functions as a telescope.


Oh that smile.  Going to get him in trouble one day.  Or out of it.


The littlest princess was very interested in Mommy’s sparkly gold Jessica Simpson pumps.  Can’t say I blame her.


The king of this castle surprised his princess with roses.  I find that confident daughters often begin with confident fathers.  #blessed

princess tea party for a birthday girl

Royally blessed and ready to celebrate with friends and family.   We hope you have found some party inspiration for your little princess!  Cheers!



princess tea part for a birthday girl



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