Renovated Stone Farmhouse After Tour

Welcome to the after tour of this gorgeously renovated stone farmhouse that dates back to the 18th century.  Read about how my love for old-world charm and all things French Country began with this stony piece of history in Designing Our Forever Home.

If you  missed the renovation details, then checkout the Renovated Stone Farmhouse Before Tour Part 1 and the Renovated Stone Farmhouse Before Tour Part 2!  This historic stone farmhouse’s 1970’s renovation is complete!

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Front Elevation

Remember the obvious asymmetry of the house after the tree was removed (see here)? As this would have been too great of a structural undertaking just to center the windows and door (Insert my grandfather’s sad sigh here. See I came by the need for symmetry honestly!). Instead he added 5 columns to the front with the thought of visually creating a “new center” with the middle column.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Back Porch

It is difficult to see in the after picture, but there is a cast iron pump just in front of the original log house that was still operational and was incorporated into the lower porch.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Kitchen and Garage Addition

The double garage with the kitchen above was added onto the house and would also connect to the 18th century log cabin.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Log Cabin

Little did my grandfather know how popular the white farmhouse style would become.  Joanna Gaines was just a child when this farmhouse was renovated!

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Front Elevation

This was one of my favorite views.  This after picture could have been taken by someone sitting on one of the white wicker rockers that often graced the front porch.  This pasture had a gated pathway that the sheep would walk to daily from the barn and roam in.  The pond was frequented for many years by the swans, Bob and Cosette, lovingly named by my brother and myself (Gee, I wonder who named who . . .)

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – The Barn

I used an wood plank out of this old barn to create a Farmhouse Style Cork Board Organizer.  Read the DIY tutorial here.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Master Suite

The original dining room became the master suite.  It was also attached to it’s own bathroom which was located behind the photographer.  The upstairs bathroom and the master bathroom had a laundry shoot that emptied into an old shopping cart in the basement.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Girl’s Bedroom

The first picture where my mom is standing at the door is behind us in the second picture.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Formal Living Room

Again, the first picture is behind us in the second picture.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Family Room

Shot of the family in the family room right after renovations in the 1970s. Whew. Gotta love the 70s.



Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Country Kitchen

At the desk under the window there is a rope hanging directly to the left of the window.  When my grandmother would have food ready, we would ring the bell that was added onto the roof over the kitchen that could be heard across the 100 acres to let my grandfather know to come in for lunch!  You can see bell above the kitchen addition in the picture below.



Loved the brick inlay recessed stove.

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Formal Dining Room

Renovated Stone Farmhouse – Library

Remember the original log house?

The original cast iron door to the brick oven was discovered in that very spot as they torn out the brick and was incorporated back into the design.

Few things inspire that sense of old world charm more than walls lined with books.


renovated stone farmhouse

My grandparents!

This farmhouse, built circa 1763 with over 100 sprawling hillside acreage, was purchased in 1972 for $90,000.

renovated stone farmhouse

After approximately $125,000 of renovations and 40 years of equity, this 4400 sq.ft renovated stone farmhouse was valued at approximately $2 million.



The value of the “hammers” is evident as stated above, but the value of the “hugs” that came from hours of playing in the streams, picnics in the woods, riding the tractor, sledding on the toboggan slope, feeding animals in the barn, sleepovers in the playroom, homemade pancakes for breakfast . . . is priceless.








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