Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

These solar powered LED deck post caps are the easiest DIY deck lighting upgrade you will ever find. Read my review and see how amazing they look at night! No electric needed!

When we bought #ourthirdfixerupper #frenchcountrycottage one of the highlights was that it already had a huge Trex deck on the back. I am so excited to power wash this baby and create a beautiful outdoor living space. In the meantime, however, I wanted to add lighting to the deck so that we could see where we were going when it’s 10p at night, and we needed to return tools to the shed.

Enter the solar powered LED deck post cap lights by Green Lighting. As long as you have traditional deck posts (4×4 or 5×5), these are for you!

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

Here is our deck before.



Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

Here is a close up of the post. Ours is a standard 4×4 post. We have 10 of these posts surrounding our deck. These will only work on a 4×4 post, but if you click here you can find the light for 5×5 posts.

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

Here is the solar powered cap that comes in the box. Super simple.

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

The cap light will slide onto the top of the post, and then you take the screws that come with it and screw through the pre-drilled holes on 2 of the 4 sides.


And that is it. SO.EASY. I was truly amazed how much light is generated by these solar powered post lights. To note, we have a huge tree in our back yard, and the deck is northern facing so we don’t even get a ton of sun on the deck. Check out what it looked like at 10p.

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

This is with the camera flash on.



This is without flash. I couldn’t believe how bright they were. Even with the lights off in the house it was the perfect amount of ambiant lighting and the stairs were lit really well too. Now to power wash the deck and create that outdoor living oasis!

Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

For your deck, patio or walkway check out solar powered LED deck post cap lights by Green Lighting!

If you give this DIY a try, then tag me on instagram @ahna_hammersnhugs or use the hashtag #hammersnhugs.

I would LOVE to hear how it goes!!

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Easiest DIY Deck Lighting

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