Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

Discover 6 tips and tricks in this easy DIY pallet accent wall tutorial!

Re-purposing pallet wood has become an art onto itself. They are easily available and can be obtained with relatively low cost. The beauty of pallet wood comes from the natural variation in color tones and board sizes that make up the pallet. The wood is perfected by it’s imperfection with it’s nicks and nail holes, allowing it to be seamlessly incorporated into the French Country or farmhouse style which thrives on the beauty of age and the comfort of utility.

For this post, let’s explore that style by hacking into several tips and tricks that will make working with pallet wood much easier!

Here is Caleb’s wall before the pallets!

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall


Excited about our pallets!


Good thing I married muscle ;-). Load ’em up, babe!!

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#1. Use a circular saw to cut the pallets.

Instead of trying to pop off each board from the pallet base use a circular saw and cut down the pallet just inside the nail heads. This way you only have to tap out the middle of each board and remove one area of nails.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

Above Zach is taking the circular saw down the left side of the pallet close to the nails. Then he zipped down the other side.


This way you only have to pry the nails out of the middle cross section as typically the pallets will be attached with nails across 3 cross sections.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#2. Make piles of same width boards.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall


One of the cool things about pallet walls is the great variation in color and size of the boards themselves. But instead of piecing it all together like a miserable jigsaw puzzle, making piles of same width boards allows you to fly down each row without having to stop and find a board of a similar width. This also minimizes the gaps between each row.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#3. Trim the short end of each board prior to hanging it.

By trimming the end of each board it allows the board to sit flush with the next. Otherwise there will often be a gap in between the joints on the ends.


Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#4. Set up several ladders or stepping stools across the wall.

I had 3 ladders set up so that I didn’t have to keep moving one back and forth across the hardwood floor. You can also use a bucket, stools etc, but it is nice to be able to just move down the wall.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall


Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#5. Place your firsts pallet at the top left of your wall.

Start at the top left of the wall and work right. Again, use the boards of similar width for each row.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

Place liquid nails on the wall first the approximate length of the board.



Then using a brad nailer (find mine here!) nail the board to the wall. Measure the last board to fit and then place the leftover piece at the beginning of the next row to keep the boards varied and offset. And start again! I didn’t worry about hitting a stud in the wall because these boards are very light and do not need a lot of support. Remember to be conscious of “randomly” varying shades and don’t be afraid to let all the imperfections show!!



Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

#6. Tap the last board at the bottom in with a hammer.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

See the gap at the bottom of the wall? On the left side the gap was about 2 1/2 inches and then on the right side it was closer to a 3 1/2 inch gap. For this type of accent wall, I don’t use trim. The window is trimmed out by the pallets and the bottom will just be pallet board as well. No extra base board. The key to getting it as close to the floor as possible is cut the board with a table saw so that it is too tight to place by hand alone. It should be just tight enough that you can gently tap it in with a hammer. This way the wall goes seamlessly to the floor without a large gap at the bottom.

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

So as not to beat up your boards, place an old sock or rag between the hammer and the board as you are tapping it in. You can also just put another board in between as well.

And voila! Your Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall!


Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall



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I would LOVE to hear how it goes!!

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Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

Easy DIY Pallet Accent Wall

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  1. Pallet wood and reclaimed wood projects are some of my favorites! Your wall turned out amazing and it will last for years and years as your young man grows!!

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  3. Hi Ahna!

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