Beef and Zucchini Spaghetti Recipe

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  1. 5 stars
    Hi! Your sauce was super-tasty! I had 2 zucchini, so I spiralized one, and then just diced the other and added it to the sauce (shhhhh!). I have one comment, just for the record – I’ve been doing Keto for my husband so he can drop extra “hibernation weight” that he gains in the fall prior to skiing season for, literally, years. I’m fully on board with spiralizing, and gave in and bought the attachments for my KitchenAid because I was doing it so often; Keith SWEARS that a spiralized zucchini, plus maybe 1 oz, maybe even 1/2 oz of angel hair fools the “mouth feel” completely; and adding the hot sauce with the tiny amount of hot pasta to the zucchini softens it just enough that it “twirls” like pasta. Even when I rice cauliflower, etc? Adding literally, like, just a tablespoon or two of actual rice to the riced cauliflower? It truly helps to fool the mouth but does NOT do nasty things to the blood sugar! lol I seriously use the KA attachments all the time – the necks of butternut squash become lasagna “sheets” and the rest of it gets microwaved and mixed with ricotta for the filling, etc., etc., etc. Carrots are delish with Indian curries, etc. There is SO MUCH flavor to explore!!! Best of luck, and thanks for posting a really, really lovely sauce recipe!!! I’m not sure why fire-roasting the tomatoes adds so much flavor but it definitely does; they’re sweeter, somehow… more “tomato-y!” YUM!!! Blessings!!!

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