How to Design a Built-In Cutting Board

If you are replacing your counter top in the near future or are building new, then consider how to design a built-in cutting board!  This easy step by step requires a little planning and minimal effort to design a built-in cutting board that can be customized to your style, is easily removable, and adds a high end touch for a low end cost.  Read More

10 mistakes to avoid when renovating a kitchen

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating a Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home – a haven to create culinary delights and to enjoy them with friends and family. To make new memories and to remember old ones. To engage in meaningful conversations. To laugh until you cry or maybe cry until you can laugh. The kitchen becomes the memoir of a home, and consequently why it is the primary selling point. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when renovating a kitchen to stretch your dollars and create a beautiful retreat packed with the power of practicality.

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Design an Efficient Kitchen Around 4 Work Zones

Design an Efficient Kitchen Around These 4 Work Zones

We have all heard of the golden triangle – a kitchen design that ultimately forms a triangle between your most frequently used appliances – the stove, the sink and the fridge.  But with the introduction of kitchen islands, stove tops with wall ovens and open-concept layouts, this isometric design is not always practical in today’s kitchen.  Use these 4 work zones to design a more efficient kitchen today! Read More

designing french country home downstairs

Designing our French Country Home – Downstairs

If you missed how we got to this home plan, then check out Picking a French Country House Plan. As I talked about in Designing Our French Country Home Exterior Plan, I moved the garage to the back of the house leaving an entire wing of the house in need of design “repairs.” I knew ultimately what rooms I wanted to incorporate into this “owner’s suite”, a private wing of the house accessed primarily by side entrances, but the question that needed to be answered was how to create the best flow for the rooms.

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French Country Home Exterior Plans

Picking a French Country House Plan

After deciding one’s style of preference, the next step in building your own home is finding the house plan that will suit your family forever. No pressure. It only costs thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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Designing Our Forever Home

Where does one start when designing a forever home? It starts with a dream. It starts with what you value and the kind of space you want to create memories in.

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