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  1. I love your approach. I have been taking on my whole home one room at a time. I just spent a whole weekend a href=””>carpet cleaning and now it’s time for my kitchen. I have never thought about separating out space for a serving area. I really like the tip and may incorporate that into kitchen updates.

  2. Hi, Ahna! I like your zone concept, as it is pretty much how I designed my apartment kitchen, and it works extremely well! (Even better than my mom’s kitchen, and hers is twice the size!) However, where would the pantry and fridge/freezer come into play in your design? In the setup I used, there were also 4 zones, but the first was the “pantry zone”. Thanks for your blog. The articles are really informative.

    1. That’s such a great point Tessa! I tend to put the pantry and fridge on the side of the kitchen that is closest to the prep zone. This obviously varies depending on your kitchen layout be it galley, peninsula, 10×10 layout etc.

  3. I’m obsessed with home organization, and I love how you broke the kitchen down into four work zones! Such a great post! Thanks for the tips! Donna

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  7. Great approach – I’m saving for future reference!

    I would add one more zone, if there’s room: the beverage zone. My husband makes his coffee smack in the middle of my cooking area, and we’re always bumping into each other.

  8. This is 1000% the best kitchen design and planning blog I’ve ever seen. Thank you for doing away with the triangle. Your tips and links are perfect.

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  11. Ahna,
    Great post! I’ve been looking to organize our kitchen better and can’t wait to put this into practice! Wish I had read this post before we renovated our kitchen but I think with your tips I’ll be able to make our current set up more efficient 🙂 Pinned this on bout our kitchen remodel and storage/organizations boards.
    Thanks! Denise

    1. Denise, thanks so much for sharing! Blessings in your real estate ventures and stop by anytime! 🙂

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