Gracie Piano Recital 2021

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  1. Great job Grace! You’ve come so far! Stay with it. If there’s any one piece of my life I would wish for a “re-do” on, it would be my piano experience. I had (have) the musical “genes” and the ear, but lacked the drive and discipline to meet my potential. I also had a teacher who was excellent, but very classically and performance oriented; I often wonder if I’d had a John Fry who might have better understood how to tap into my motivation for music, if things might have been different…

  2. I I love this. Great job Gracie.

    Yes!! My husband and I both have a very rich musical heritage, but neither if us had both sets of grandparents in the choir. That’s just amazing!

    Yes, I still play the piano. In fact I’ve been playing this afternoon and currently have my feet propped on the piano bench …I must continue the prep for my daughter’s graduation open house though. ?

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

    1. Awww thank you for sharing. I love that! Music is such a special gift to share. Happy graduation to your daughter!

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