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  6. One bug’s repellant is another bug’s feast. Agreed that lavender and mint are good as part of a mosquito repellant, but they also attract bees. Which is a plus for some people and a negative for others. Rosemary is another good one that works inside and out. I’ve been reading more about different types of indoor houseplants recently. Cheers.

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  8. Your planters are lovely! I’m definitely making these mosquito repellant planters this weekend! Thank you for sharing!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  9. Love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing, glad to be hopping with you!

  10. I am trying this! And I will have lavender and mint allover my deck this summer! So fun blog hopping with you today!

  11. This is an awesome idea! Think I may need to plant a couple of these for our deck if it also repels wasps. Thanks for joining our summer outdoor spaces blog hop.

  12. Ok this post is just in time! The mosquitoes have been crazy here in Colorado! Thank you so much…pinned!

  13. Love your beautiful outdoor space, and I’m for sure going to make this mosquito plant!!

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