Before and AFter leather restoration

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  1. Love these tips! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve found the best way to get my leather furniture looking really nice is by hiring a professional leather cleaning service, but I am definitely going to try out these tips to maintain my leather furniture between professional deep cleanings!

  2. I really love how this turned out! I have a leather sofa in my basement that desperately needs to be cleaned and restored. There’s an upholstery cleaner near me that cleaned my friend’s leather sofa and it turned out lovely. But I think I want to DIY it and try your restoration method first!!

      1. Hi Anna, Thank you so much for your tutorial. It was quite informative and the product list with pictures was wonderful. Your leather furniture DID look very well after you finished with the process. You really made me chuckle when you had to go online to see how to open the shoe polish tin. I used to have to polish the families shoes every day after school. It was one of my chores. I do not think many people polish their shoes today. Thank you again for the memory:)

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  7. What a difference! It’s beautiful. Do you know if this can be used on non-absorbent leather?
    I purchased a refinishing kit online which didn’t work for my recliner. The manufacturer determined it is because of the type of leather….non-absorbent. They have a product that will work but it is $79.00! I already spent $40.00 on the last kit. Thanks!

    1. You can try Malviani Leather Repair Color for restoring your furniture. It works really well.

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