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[…] gray.  This color conundrum led me to hours of research on paint which inspired my post on the Most Popular Farmhouse Style Paint Guide which broke down 11 color boards of the most popular farmhouse style paint shades on the market […]

French Ethereal
1 year ago

Thank you for the handy paint color guide! I still love blue-greens and mixed my own color (from a pair of pants which had the color in it that I liked) years ago now for our first house for a main wall there. Then I took it to our next home for a main wall in that living/dining room which had 18 ft. ceilings at its peak and lots of windows. For anyone who is looking for a good color, look in the blue-greens as they are wonderful for receding into the background at night behind your furniture and appearing grey during certain times of the day/year and greener or bluer in other times. It is fascinating seeing how color changes a room!

Happy painting and thanks again,
Barb 🙂

French Ethereal
1 year ago

p.s. Found you through Thursday Favorite Things with Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home. <3

1 year ago

I love this post! Picking the right paint color is so hard to do. This is great info! Happy to have found your blog through the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!


[…] . . . so many good things!  Also, did you see my recent post with a downloadable Farmhouse Style Paint Guide??  A lot of these colors are on that […]